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Monthly Archives August 2015

Class ‘horde_Hooks’ not found

After recent cpanel update, I started getting the following error while accessing horde webmail.

A fatal error has occurred

Class ‘horde_Hooks’ not found

Details have been logged for the administrator.

This problem is expected to be fixed before cPanel 11.51 becomes 11.52 and is published to CURRENT, but it is still occurring in the 11.51 build that is in EDGE right now. The temporary fix for that problem is as follows.

Run the below commands.

[root@abc ~]# find /usr/local/cpanel/base/horde -name ‘hooks.php’ -not -wholename ‘*/imp/*’

[root@abc ~]# find /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/php/54/lib/php/Horde/Core -name ‘hooks.php’ -not -wholename ‘*/imp/*’

Now, move or remove any files that are listed by the above find commands...

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