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Accessing Gmail with Roundcube

Requirement : I want to access my gmail under my own domain with the help of webmail.

Say my domain name is abc.com , I want to access it as http://abc.com/mail

Suppose I am on a cpanel server. Download and install Roundcube as follows.

root@me [/home/abc/public_html]# wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/roundcubemail/roundcubemail/1.0.0/roundcubemail-1.0.0.tar.gz

root@me [/home/abc/public_html]# tar -xzvf roundcubemail-1.0.0.tar.gz

root@me [/home/abc/public_html]# mv roundcubemail-1.0.0 mail

root@me [/home/abc/public_html]# chown -R abc:abc mail

root@me [/home/abc/public_html]# cd mail

Now login to your cpanel and create a database for roundcube installation, create a database user and assign privileges. This can all be done from cpanel.

Once done, go to the installer link as  http://abc.com/mail/installer, follow the on screen instructions, make sure to give the database details correct and do not overwrite or create any conflict with the existing roundcube installation that comes with cpanel.

Once the installation is done, there are two files which requires attention.

root@me [/home/abc/public_html/mail]# cd  /home/abc/public_html/mail/config

Make sure the config.inc.php and defaults.inc.php are populated with the correct database details.

root@me [/home/abc/public_html/mail/config]# vi defaults.inc.php    and edit the following fields

// IMAP Settings
$rcmail_config[‘default_host’] = ‘ssl://imap.gmail.com’;
$rcmail_config[‘defaul_port’] = 993;
$rcmail_config[‘imap_auth_type’] = null;
$rcmail_config[‘username_domain’] = ‘yourdomainname’;  // Give the domain name that use googleapps. If you are using gmail account, give gmail.com
$rcmail_config[‘mail_domain’] = ‘yourdomainname’;           // Give the domain name that use googleapps. If you are using gmail account, give gmail.com
// SMTP Settings
$rcmail_config[‘smtp_server’] = ‘ssl://smtp.gmail.com’;
$rcmail_config[‘smtp_port’] = 465;
$rcmail_config[‘smtp_user’] = ‘%u’;
$rcmail_config[‘smtp_pass’] = ‘%p’;
//MBOX Settings
$rcmail_config[‘drafts_mbox’] = ‘[Gmail]/Drafts’;
$rcmail_config[‘junk_mbox’] = ‘[Gmail]/Spam’;
$rcmail_config[‘sent_mbox’] = ”;
$rcmail_config[‘trash_mbox’] = ”;

Save and quit the file. Remove the installer folder.

root@me [/home/abc/public_html/mail/config]# rm -rf /home/abc/public_html/mail/installer

Now access your gmail through your roundcube installation.


Username : test   if my gmail account is test@gmail.com

Password : test123    if my gmail pass is test123


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  • hubert  says:


    thanks for information!

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