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Addon Domain

In this post we will explain how to create Addon Domains.

What is an Addon Domain?

The feature named Addon Domains in cPanel lets you create additional domains, which acts independently and have its own separate web pages, its own email accounts, its own FTP accounts etc – all in all a fully unique domain. Isn’t that interesting? Let’s follow the steps below to create an addon domain in cpanel.

  1. Login to your cpanel with your login details. The details will be present in the welcome email we sent you, when you signed up with us.
  2. If you receive any warnings that says “Your connection is not private”, do not panic, your data and all details are safe. Just click Advanced -> Add Exceptions and continue to the site. Provide your details at the login prompt and login.
  3. In your cPanel interface scroll down to Domains section and click on “Addon Domains”addon1
  4. Enter the following details :
    Your required domain name in the “New Domain Name” field.
    Leave the Subdomain field as default, unless you want to change it
    Leave the DocumentRoot as default, unless you want to change it to a folder of your choice
    If you need an FTP account specifically for this Addon Domain, then check the box to the left of  “Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain. ” Provide the required login details there as shown in the following snapshot.addon
  5. Now hit the button “Add Domain” to create your Addon Domain.
  6. If the domain is created successfully, you will see the following message.
    The addon domain “addondomain.com” has been created.

    The FTP account “prad@addondomain.com” has been created.

That’s it !!! Your new Addon Domain is now fully functional. You can now upload files, create databases, create email accounts and start managing your domain.

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