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Addon Domain

In this post we will explain how to create Addon Domains.

What is an Addon Domain?

The feature named Addon Domains in cPanel lets you create additional domains, which acts independently and have its own separate web pages, its own email accounts, its own FTP accounts etc – all in all a fully unique domain. Isn’t that interesting? Let’s follow the steps below to create an addon domain in cpanel.

  1. Login to your cpanel with your login details. The details will be present in the welcome email we sent you, when you signed up with us.
  2. If you receive any warnings that says “Your connection is not private”, do not panic, your data and all details are safe. Just click Advanced -> Add Exceptions and continue to the site. Provide your details at the login prompt and login.
  3. In your cPanel interface sc...
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Linux Booting Process

You turn on a linux machine, a splash screen appears for a few seconds and then in a small delay you are greeted with a login page. You login and then starts working. Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes, when you turn on the machine? How does the machine boots? Continue reading.

The linux booting process happens in 6 stages.


When you power on the machine, CPU asks ROM what to do. ROM has a JUMP instruction which commands CPU to check the BIOS. BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output system. BIOS is the first thing that is loaded, and its main role is to check the hardware and performs integrity checks. Its main role is to identify the boot device as defined in the CMOS...

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