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Diskusage of a few domains shown as 0 in Cpanel/WHM

Last day a few domains started throwing incorrect disk usage in WHM. The accounts has a lot of files, but the disk usage was reported as 0 in List Accounts section. Upon checking noticed that someone had played with the fstab and /home was not mounted with usrquota correctly. Did the following to correct it.

[root@abc ~]# cp -pv /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.bak.$(date +%F)

[root@abc ~]# vi /etc/fstab       Add/modify the mount point for home as follows

/dev/mapper/vg0-home    /home   ext4      defaults,usrquota             1       2

[root@abc ~]# mount -o remount /dev/mapper/vg0-home

Alternatively, you can reboot the machine, so that the changes will be picked up from the fstab after making changes.

[root@abc ~]# /scripts/fixquotas –force

When it is executed, make sure /home is mentioned in the output. After the successful completion of its execution, relogin to WHM-> List Accounts and check the disk usage. It should be corrected.

One comment to Diskusage of a few domains shown as 0 in Cpanel/WHM

  • floyd  says:


    tnx for info!!

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