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***** FATAL: Could not write to /etc/yum.conf

Sometimes while running upcp in a cpanel server, you may encounter the following error and upcp will quit.

***** FATAL: Could not write to /etc/yum.conf

Check if any attributes are set for /etc/yum.conf.

You can check it by issuing the following command.

[root@abc ~]# lsattr /etc/yum.conf
—-i——–e- /etc/yum.conf

If you see an ‘i’  in the output as seen above, then issue the following command to release the attribute.

[root@abc ~]# chattr -i /etc/yum.conf

Now double check that the attribute is gone by issuing lsattr again.

[root@abc ~]# lsattr /etc/yum.conf
————-e- /etc/yum.conf

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