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Find spamming in qmail

Spamming ???

Qmail is said to be secure and as such there are very less chances for spamming. In case of spamming, you can find out the culprit as said in the following example.

Try running /var/qmail/bin/qmail-qread. The utility on a server gave the following output.

20 Sep 2007 05:29:32 GMT #96945 24355 <spam@domain.com> bouncing
done remote giaygoiqua@test.com
done remote giayvietplaza@test1.com
done remote gig@domain123.com
done remote gilbert.marc@abc.com
done remote gillvector@fptnet.com.net
done remote gimmy.vo@azf.com
remote gin@dom.com

This shows that a lot of messages were sent from the address spam@domain.com and that all of them have bounced. In order to find the message content, to make sure it is spam, do the following.

# cd /var/qmail/queue/mess
# find . -iname 96945 ( 96945 is the message number which you get from the first line pasted above)

If the message content looks suspicious, you can take immediate action against the domain domain.com.

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  • Shisiya  says:

    good one dear.. that saved my day in installation 😛

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