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Horde hangs while trying to login

There are instances where horde will not let you log in. Clicking on the login button will simply returns you to the login page.

In such cases, most probably the horde table horde_sessionhandler will be corrupted. You can try repairing it as follows.

#mysql> use horde
#mysql> repair table horde_sessionhandler;

If it didnt work, drop the table horde_sessionhandler and recreate it. That will fix the issue.

#mysql> use horde
#mysql> drop table horde_sessionhandler;
#mysql> CREATE TABLE horde_sessionhandler (session_id VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL, session_lastmodified INT NOT NULL,
session_data LONGBLOB,PRIMARY KEY (session_id)) ENGINE = InnoDB;
#mysql> GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE ON horde_sessionhandler TO horde@localhost;

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