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Upcp hanging – Bad archive: CPAN-SQLite-0.203.tar.gz

I had been trying to upgrade my cpanel version with upcp last day.

My current version – 11.34

Targetted version – 11.38

Tried many times, but each time it was stuck after the following error.

[20130801.235456]      [16015] ! Bad archive: CPAN-SQLite-0.203.tar.gz
[20130801.235456]      [16015] ! Failed to unpack CPAN-SQLite-0.203.tar.gz: no directory

Upon searching, I identified the problem is with the SQLite module. So I killed the currently running process, updated sqlite and ran again and hurrayyyy it worked.

ps aux | grep upcp      – will list the upcp processes running

kill -9 pid              – kill that process where pid is the process id listed in the above command output

cpan -i CPAN::SQLite   - install the cpanel sqlite module directly

/scripts/upcp --force  - run upcp again

One comment to Upcp hanging – Bad archive: CPAN-SQLite-0.203.tar.gz

  • Abe  says:

    Awesome. This has been bugging me for a while now, thanks! Seems like their mirrors are just timing out or something 🙁

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